Canadian Bubble Soccer is a small business that operates in and around the greater Toronto area. We started working with the owners during their business startup. Our team created their brand from scratch, we researched their competition and created a look that would truly stand out from the crowd. The first item on the list was their logo, followed by a brand new website with online booking functionality. Later came some branded apparel for staff to wear (and for giveaways), along with a set of business cards for each employee and postcards for marketing their business during public events. The result is one truly Canadian branded experience backed by a truly awesome events based company.

Website Development

Logo Design

Print Marketing

Branded Apparel


A fun, exciting sport like Bubble Soccer needed a fun, exciting brand and website to match up with. The owners at Canadian Bubble Soccer asked that we build the site with a central focus around an automated booking process. Their situation was unique as they do not own a physical location. We overcame this challenge by streamlining the process entirely, saving them a lot of time and wasted energy. Each location area that they service has its own individual booking page, and subsequently this divides the incoming mail to their inbox, we love to make our clients lives easier!

We Create Attention Grabbing Memorable Brands


The Canadian Bubble Soccer website is responsive and view-able across multiple devices. Due to the nature of their business and target market we knew that incorporating their social media feeds into the websites code and front end was important. Their social presence at the time of the website build was minimal to say the least, but over time, with some prompting by our team and the added incentive of their new brand and website, they have built their social media profile high and receive more attention and business converted through their website.

We Create Print Perfect Graphic Designs


During bubble soccer events, the owners realized that they get a lot of attention from passerby’s and spectators. We encourage all of our customers to seize this type of opportunity with printed marketing materials. Nothing promotes a business better in the ‘offline’ world than print marketing. Now, when the staff at Canadian Bubble Soccer see someone that looks interested in what is going on during an event (which is the usual reaction), they approach them, introduce themselves and present a business card and postcard; simple and highly effective marketing.

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